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You want support in making your dreams a reality.

You're not sure how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in a year or three.

Coaching packages are customizable to your desires and challenges. 

If you're curious what coaching with me 1-on-1 feels like, learn more over here.

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You are a female entrepreneur desiring a new paradigm of business and leadership.

You want to learn how to run your business in alignment with your moon cycles and in a way that honors your feminine body.

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You are experiencing symptoms due to hormonal imbalance, and are longing for a deeper, intimate connection with yourself and your partner. Learn more here.

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You are looking to expand your knowledge, go deep on my areas of expertise, want to get a taste of what it's like to work with me, or desire a transformative experience.  

My classes include topics that will help you revive your sexual fire, learn a therapeutic womb, belly, and breast protocol, explore flexible relationship structures, and more! 

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Yes. This work, works.

"Caite has an ability to cut straight through to the Truth, without projection,


moved through self-sabotage

with viscerally felt compassion. She allows a woman to sink deep into Trust and Safety. You can feel that she has no stakes in your growth, other than a sincere desire for you to choose your own power. You can feel her life experience and teachings through her embodiment, and there’s a gnosis when you experience her transmission — she isn’t telling you anything she hasn’t journeyed deeply through herself. Caitlin is a full grown woman leading other women into their full grown truth. She will not pander to the fantasy, whilst also holding tons of space for your tender process. Caitlin's background in attachment theory, jungian psychology, Chinese medicine, Vedic practices and full approval “humaning” creates a gorgeous container to lay your armor down, open to your True power, and do the hard work of becoming your highest most magnetic, most abundant expression, based in this reality. Dr. Caite is a laser-focused genius of Seeing, equal parts Kali sword and completely melted tender heart. "

-Courtney M.

Caite is a curator of space - to just show up and be, in every way that you exist. She is compassionate, supportive, welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable, and all of these qualities provide a foundation for trusting her and the space that she holds.

I'm so grateful that she exists because I've watched her cultivate space for healing, reflection and emotional support in so many women's lives, including my own."

-Bry G.


healed emotional wounds

“I have two new functional medicine patients, 3 new acupuncture patients and 1 potential new one this week already.

Focusing my energy has made such a difference. Thank you, Caite.”

- Nina T


Grew her business clientele by 30%