For femme entrepreneurs desiring a no-hustle, body-first, pleasure-oriented approach to profitable business.

business group coaching

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Access to my business mentorship without the 1:1 price tag.

You want to learn how to run a profitable business in alignment with your moon cycles and in a way that doesn't trash your nervous system and hormones.

You want to learn how to create content that is valuable and sells— social media posts, emails, sales pages, website copy, etc.

You want a business that feels good, not just looks good. You want a rich, relaxed life outside of your business.

You exhale imagining having 4 straight months of ongoing support and accountability for reaching your business goals with zero toxic hustle-culture pressure. No more lone-wolfing it or procrastinating endlessly. 

You value the energy and synergy of a group and how it becomes it’s own little hub of manifestation juju and creative inspiration.

You want a place to have your gifts mirrored back to you so you can hone your unique voice and vibe in your work. 

Reasons you might want to join…

This is not the right fit for:

Your business that has not yet been birthed.

A business that is not earning money/serving clients yet.

Caite, thank you for the Business Mastermind you hosted last year. Your gift of intuitively transforming information into services, offerings & products that the market is hungry for was a valuable tool throughout the group sessions. You seem to have an energetic pulse on the collective desires; you know the artform of appeal. What a treat that was (is still) to have you in my corner! Truly. Having your eye on sales pages & offerings was incredibly insightful for this very reason. Moreover, your ability to distill language into simplified, straight-to-the-point prose that still hold potency is unparalleled. 

- Alyssa F. Troob, RDN & Coach

word on the street...

Get crystal clear on your definition of success

True manifestation vs modern misuse and misunderstandings

Moon cycle syncing your work life for more vitality + flow

Overcoming resistance and upper limit problems

The ability to hold: money + responsibility

Working with fear of failure and imposter syndrome

Money systems and financial organization for nervous system regulation

Social media strategy and authenticity

How to rest as an entrepreneur and necessary business boundaries

get the gist of the

get the gist of

topics we'll dive into

In the first 2 months:

Creating copy that serves and sells 

When to expand, when to maintain, when to burn it down 

Everything you need to know about hiring 

Codependency, avoidance and anxiety in your business 

Building trust and likability for lifelong client relationships and brand loyalty

Launch checklists and what to do when no one’s biting 
Playing with polarity: how to build chemistry with your audience

Opening and closing relationships beautifully for a reputation you can be proud of
In the second 2 months:
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Is it a pussy-flutter yes?

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2500$ pay in full or
4 monthly payments of 675$ 

ready to join?

NExt Mastermind begins feb 2024

& goes for four months

You receive:

a hand-picked intimate group (max 8) of women who each bring unique experience and skills to the table.

8 group zoom calls spaced over 4 months and an opportunity for personal laser-coaching and group feedback.

an active group thread with a weekly business teaching from Dr. Caite on a potent topics from the energetics of money to social media strategy.

a reliable source of collaboration, energy, and support for 4-months.

Group calls are 2x month at a time determined by the groups needs (if you join, the calls will be at times you can make happen). 

This is for the woman who wants creative inspiration, effective strategies, accountability, and community support of heart-centered women. 

2500$ pay in full or

4 monthly payments of 675$