Business Mentorship for Women

So many "successful" boss babes are miserable behind the scenes (I know, because they come to me). Even when they have figured out how to make 10k or 20k months, their hair is falling out, their relationships are a mess, they spend all day on on instagram, and they can't relax.

If you want a down-to-earth business dom who...
✓ actually has a balanced life outside her business,
✓ will help you break the procrastination cycle, and
✓ understands female hormones, trauma, and the nervous system so you can build your dream in a way that feels good and doesn't lead to burn out...

You're in the right place.

I’ve built two thriving businesses and while it’s both an art and a science, joyful, nourishing business success is absolutely learnable for everyone...says the highly sensitive, ADHD, introvert.  

The container:

3 or 6 months, unlimited Voxer support (text and audio), video calls, customizable support. Packages start at 1500/month. 

I don’t coach online coaches. But I am here to support healers, teachers, artists, creatives, guides, therapists, facilitators, and entrepreneurs of all kinds. 

Let's get YOUR UNIQUE GIFTS to more humans.

"I made profit my first month (baby profit, but still excited about it). We planned 5 months without profit just in case, so it's exciting that we haven't had to take out any of that money for the business. 

Also, [my partner] is quitting his job in 3 weeks because his web developing side gig has now passed his current job. This means more than 2 weeks of vacation and more flexibility. The DREAM is coming to life!

Just wanted to thank you again for the tools and resources that have made a lasting impact on my business and also seeing how much it carried over to my relationship and being able to support his vision as well- confidently. Forever grateful!" ~Kayla M


There are money coaches who help you unblock your chakras for money manifestation and biz coaches who teach you how to build a marketing funnel. 

I've got a foot in each world. 

I can listen to your vision and see the blueprint for how to create that in a very practical and tangible way. I'll make you super specific action step lists and mega-helpful spreadsheets and I'll also guide you through nervous system rewiring embodiment practices so you can feel safe with more money, clients, visibility, and responsibility. We'll do new moon intention setting ceremonies and we'll create budgets and systems so the parts of your life and business that have felt chaotic and messy feel *big exhale* GOOD. 

"Caite, thank you for the Business Mastermind you hosted last year. Your gift of intuitively transforming information into services, offerings & products that the market is hungry for was a valuable tool throughout the group sessions. You seem to have an energetic pulse on the collective desires; you know the artform of appeal. What a treat that was (is still) to have you in my corner! Truly. Having your eye on sales pages & offerings was incredibly insightful for this very reason. Moreover, your ability to distill language into simplified, straight-to-the-point prose that still hold potency is unparalleled."


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feel it out


feel it out

"I'm more disciplined about my business and have more self-trust that I can sit down and do focused work or keep consistent habits. I'm doing more of the things that I've said I wanted to do and haven't done. I feel more happy, healthy, and confident than I have in years. I have a clear roadmap for my business this year, and trust that I can accomplish my goals." ~Cara, M

- clarity on what you truly desire to build and who you want to serve
- clarity on your most valuable strengths and skills
- clarity on what your ideal clients need and want from you
- creating offers that align with your ideal clients so that sales feel easeful


- creating social media content that sells
- authentic and integral sales strategy and techniques
- email list building
- how to build a referral network
- creating a website that converts


- creating the structures that allow you to focus on the parts of business you love
- dialing in your personal routines and habits for more joy and stamina
- client retention and referral strategies
- financial systems and upleveling your relationship to money


- how to create a business that doesn’t feel like a cage
- bringing your whole self to your business. Never needing to feel like you live a double life personally and professionally.
- how to incorporate pleasure, sensuality and ease into growing and maintaining your business


Are you ready to invest in yourself and in your business? 

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