A 6-month journey into your sensuality, healing your relationship to your body, and fearless love

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Turned On

This is a women's group built around the moon cycles. 
A place to reclaim your                                                  

Add a dash of candid sex school,
a splash of mystical tantrika training, 
and a generous helping of functional medicine practicality.
This is root cause medicine for your body, mind, and spirit. 

power, passion, and sensuality.

This is a women's group built around the moon cycles. 

  A place to reclaim your

power, passion, and sensuality.

Add a dash of candid sex school,
a splash of mystical tantrika training, 
and a generous helping of functional medicine practicality.
This is root cause medicine for your body, mind, and spirit. 

Feels disconnected from her own sensuality and desire 

Desires to be more fully self-expressed and fearless in love

Hasn't gotten to the root of long-standing women's health symptoms

Keeps finding herself in the same relationship patterns

Desires a close-knit community of female friends

Struggles to open up and be vulnerable in relationships

Experiences painful or irregular periods, acne, hair loss, weight gain or other hormonal imbalance symptoms

Feels sexually dissatisfied in partnership

Yearns for deeper emotional intimacy with a partner

Struggles with body acceptance and love

Desires more sexual confidence

For the woman who...

Profound healing and tools to address the root causes of hormone imbalance and women's health issues

Ability to identify and release stuck emotions in the body

Deep sisterhood and bonded female friendships

Increased connection to your sensuality, heart, and body

More confidence in the bedroom via understanding your unique erotic expression and needs

How to eat and exercise for pain-free periods, clear skin, and less bloat

Improved productivity and sleep by learning your personal hormonal rhythms

How to do hormone-free contraception plus enhancing or preserving fertility

Skillful emotional expression for less conflict and more intimacy 

How to amplify sexual chemistry with any romantic partner 

so much more!

What you leave with:

the structure

In-person retreat May 5th-7th in Boulder, Colorado 

2 private moon circle masterclasses each month

Weekly teaching and transmission in the group thread

Practice assignments to help you implement

Continuous community and accountability via Telegram group

1 - personal coaching call with me

Add on comprehensive hormone testing panel with VIP upgrade

Course Content

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but don't take it from me...

a tried & true program

Sacred Space, Devotion, Intention

Setting intentions from your heart + pussy

Creating sacred space in your home

Channeling the power of devotional practice

Cultivating personal rituals to support your intentions


Tracking your menstrual cycle and cycle-syncing your life

The energetics of the moon cycle

How to transition off of hormonal birth control if desired + contraceptive options

What is a healthy menstrual cycle: normal symptoms vs signs of imbalance

What is healthy libido? 


Signs of hormone imbalance

Optimizing thyroid health

Cortisol and the role of stress on pleasure and hormones

Holistic treatment options that work


Blood sugar balancing and fasting

Addressing under-eating and metabolic health

The role of coffee and alcohol

Bringing pleasure back into eating

Unwinding habits of using food in place of love, affection, and sex


Xenoestrogens and hormone disruption

Over and under-exercising

Creating restful sleep habits

Circadian Rhythms, artificial light, and EMFs

Pussy Health: smell good, taste good



Identify and releasing stuck emotions through the body

Changing your relationship to stress

Healing sex and intimacy trauma triggers

Transitioning into relationship mode from work or parent-mode

Downregulating practices to wake up the erotic body

Negotiating space vs closeness in intimacy

Learning to relax without numbing out for hormone health and turn-on


Deconstructing desire

Tantric Embodiment Practices

Turn Ons and Offs: your personal roadmap

Existential Kink

Amplifying Pleasure through the feminine triad


Different types of orgasms

Developing a self-pleasure practice

Self-intimacy exploration: the anatomy lesson you never got

Pelvic diaphragm health and conditioning


Exploring the feminine archetypes 

Curating your unique expression of the feminine

Unwinding social, cultural, religious, and familiar conditioning around feminine expression

Dissolving blocks and fears around expressing your heart


Novelty vs comfort: the paradox of monogamy

Navigating trauma and personal history

Communicating emotions in a way that builds intimacy and decreases conflict 

Recognizing and opting out of the Mindless Sex Trap

The foreplay game that never fails, advanced-edition


Polarity explained: how to create sexual charge with anyone and how not to

Understanding masculine and feminine energetics to build sexual sparks

Devotion as an aphrodisiac

Awakening your inner tantrika

The In-Person Retreat!

May 5th-7th near Boulder, Colorado

  • 4 Gourmet allergen-friendly meals included

  • Ceremony, group bonding, embodiment practices, breathwork, nature, and deep healing and rejuvenation.

Details and itinerary will be emailed to group participants. 

May 5th-7th
near Boulder, Colorado

  • 4 Gourmet allergen-friendly meals 

  • Ceremony, group bonding, embodiment practices, breathwork, nature, and deep healing and rejuvenation.


Why choose this program?

Taught by a medical professional with ethics training, trauma training, and 10 years of experience working in-person with women’s health.

Dr. Caite has hosted women’s moon circles for years, has trained extensively in tantric arts, and is a devoted meditator and long-term student of wisdom traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism, and the Vedas.

The unique opportunity to experience a course that explores both the science of cutting-edge functional medicine and mystical and spiritual wisdom.

Mid-course in-person retreat to deepen the bonds of the group and keep momentum and participation strong.

Dr. Caite is a master at creating an environment of openness, humor, inspiration, and acceptance.


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Includes DUTCH hormone+ panel ($350 value) + 30-min Functional Medicine review of your results.

*pay in full only

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about Turned On

What if I miss a group call?

All group calls are recorded and will be posted in the course portal.

However, we are only accepting applicants who commit to attending at least 8 of the 11 calls live as this is important for group practices and the value of the container for all participants. 

What if the retreat dates don't work for me?

If you feel strongly that this is the right program for you, we encourage you to rearrange other commitments to make the retreat dates work with your schedule. It's essential to the experience. 

Is this course LGBTQ+ friendly?

The course content is designed for bodies with female anatomy and female hormones. 

Teachings are relevant to and inclusive of all sexual orientations.

What age range do you expect the group to be?

This course is designed for women in their fertile years.

I realize that if you're 48 you may be hesitant to join a group with 22 year-olds and vice versa! 

The majority of participants will be in their 30s and 40s, but if you're just outside that window it still may be right for you. 

I'm nervous about the sex-based content on group calls.

There is no group nudity or touching of genitals on group calls or during the in-person retreat practices. 

Sharing on group calls is always optional, though undoubtedly you get more of out the program the more fully you participate.

You will always have the opportunity to opt-out of sharing or a practice. 

Practices are designed to be within your window of tolerance--meaning you feel safe and regulated enough to be a yes. 

Excited and a little nervous is the right combination of feelings for a program like this! It means you're in that sweet spot of growth.

Is there a scholarship or financial need option?

Yes. I always offer at least one space for reduced cost due to true financial need. Please complete the regular course application and indicate you're interested in this spot.