Monthly women’s circles in Boulder, CO. 

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moon circles

what's a moon circle all about?

Embrace the Magic of the Lunar Cycles
Find healing through aligning with the rhythms of nature. We practice letting go on the full moon and intention setting with the new moon. Explore the cosmic dance with astrological insights and my personal insights tailored to each month's moon.

Practices that Nourish Your Body and Soul
Every circle includes somatic practices like breathwork, guided visualizations, feminine embodiment, sound healing, and more. Practices are designed to shift your state of consciousness so that you leave feeling light, clear and nourished.

Connect with Your Inner Wisdom
This is designated time for personal reflection, journaling, and a chance to dive into your own heart wisdom and intuition while being in a safe & supportive environment. Find answers to hard questions and get clarity for next steps.

Welcoming, Grounded, Heartfelt Community
Whether you're seeking to forge new connections or simply dedicating this time to yourself, our circle offers a warm and supportive environment.

A time to drop into your body, be nourished in sacred space, learn about the astrological themes, get witchy with ritual, and connect with yourself and other heart-centered women.

Whether you come to make new friends, or come to feel closer to yourself, these circles are an opportunity to enrich your spiritual journey

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